Our entire business is centered around your success with all of our service and products offerings designed to provide Win-Win solutions for your business.

What does Sumner Group do?

We provide a cutting-edge portfolio of innovative business solutions. Our thought process concentrates on identifying company objectives, researching relevant technology options, and providing unbiased recommendations that align your business goals with information technology. We invite you to discover our fifty-plus years of experience and expertise that can help your organization.

Managed Services

Here at Sumner Group, we know that the documents and information that flows through your organization is absolutely vital to your survival. Not only do you want your business to succeed, but to thrive and grow. We are here to give you that support. We focus on giving our customers total document and print services so you can focus on what’s important to you, the success of your business.

What Managed Services Will Do for your Business

All Managed Services through Sumner Group are specifically designed to address your document, print and technology business applications. Each service is tailored to produce these results:

Sumner Group

Our Commitment

"Customers are our most valuable asset. Customers are our partners. We succeed only when they succeed."

-Ed Sumner
Sumner Group Inc.

Sumner Group Inc.